Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot

Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot


Once again from the Microgaming developers comes an exciting slot game whose theme is borrowed from the age old tradition of body tattooing and rock music. Therefore an added plus for gamblers who love rock music and those who want to Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot. Together with all this and serving to make the game even more worth your time are the great bonus features that it offers.

With four rows across the five reels, the game borrows from the a thousand and twenty four ways to win payline form. This gives you a win as long as a certain combination of symbols appears in line along the reels, albeit adjacent. The symbols used here resemble tattoos and are divided into two levels.

Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot

As the game is based on a tattoo theme, it is only natural that we expect to find tattooish items. The developers did not disappoint our expectations and created symbols that have a tattoish orientation. The symbols valued at a lower level are small and include the heart that has wings, the horse shoe and the dice, whereas the highly valued symbols are the chair, the tattoo shop, female customers and the tattoo artist.

Of all these symbols, only three are special. They are either wild symbols or scatter slot game symbols. The fish and the tattoo symbols are scatter symbols while the hot ink logo is a wild symbol. Different symbols trigger different things such as the the tattoo bonus from the tattoo logo and the free spins from the fish symbols.

The tattoo bonus is triggered whenever more than three or just three tattoo logo symbols appear systematically on the reels. Depending on the combination revealed once a player opens the tattoo album, bonus credits are awarded.

Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot
Win huge amounts on coins playing Hot Ink Online Slot


Players can wager as many coins as they wish up to a maximum of ten, that is coins per line for the payline payouts. The sizes of the coin can be either 0.01 or 0.25 or anything in between.

A player can win up to one hundred and twenty two thousand, five hundred as the number of coins from the tattoo bonus and another a hundred thousand in coins from the free spin resulting from fish symbol. When playing the free spins, other free spins cannot be triggered as they are only triggered by the fish symbol. Also one could land at ten free spins if they are able to reveal a complete set of combinations.

This re-spins feature is the main one differentiating it from other slot games. Not only do you get an opportunity to enjoy the game’s attractiveness but also get a chance at doubling or even tripling your wins on a good day. In addition you would have to choose whether to re-spin a reel in your play or not. And if yes, which reel.

What is missing here, unlike in many slot games, is the progressive jackpot. However there are fixed jackpots but this are not as appealing and jaw dropping as the former. Notwithstanding this, the fact that this game uses the a thousand and twenty ways to win form, these fixed jackpots are much frequent.

Rules that govern Hot Ink

As much as combinations result into winning, they have to appear from left to right otherwise they will not result into payouts. For any five symbols of a kind making a combination there is a specific payout. The highest is the hot ink logo symbol that pays 1000 while a payment of 50 from the cherries combination is the smallest. The product from these payouts and the line bets is the credit.

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