Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol

Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol


Iron Man 3 is a slot game that borrows it’s theme from the Iron Man movie, hence categorized under movie themed slot games at slot game website. The Iron Man himself is a highly technical character that would attract any gamer, be it a small child, a teenager, a youth or even older people struck by the gaming arrow. Here are some Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol and game features.

In addition to that it comes as a series making it even more interesting as it builds on the anticipation from its fans, leading to a high turnout at playing whenever a sequel is released. Iron Man 2 Slot prequels this amazing casino e-games. Therefore adding to the thrill of making extra coins or huge amounts of money, this game comes with graphics and great sound effects that will leave you glued and willing to play more.

With twenty five paylines, and an option to place a ten coins on the upper limit and five reels, winning combination of symbols translate into various payouts. Therefore on thing to note is that it uses symbols.

Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol

The coins sizes one can use vary from the normal 0.01 to 0.25, thereby making it possible for you to play 10 coins per line after choosing the number of lines you would like active. In a single spin, it is possible to place your wager using any amount of coins up to a maximum of two hundred and fifty.

Several features are present. What with the freezing wild, the Mark 42 and mode picking options? What about these combined with the bonus features that come active once triggered by specific combination? Trust me with free spins, re-spin feature, the progressive jackpot and bonus games combined with the pre-named features be sure you are in for not only an interesting but also an exciting ride of a lifetime.

Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol
Suggestions on Iron Man 3 slot machine scatter symbol

Symbols used

The Iron Man, the war machine, Iron patriot and Mark 42 render unto the player several opportunities that would be hard to resist. The Iron Man symbol is categorised as a wild symbol and therefore can substitute other symbols in the game so as to help the player land at a combination. However, this holds for all symbols in the game apart from the symbols categorized as scatter symbols.

Should five of these symbols appear appear together at a go, you can make a whooping ten thousand coins and should another winner combination appear simultaneously, then you would be the lucky re-spinner.

The scatter symbol

This particular symbol may appear on any payline. Unlike other symbols that would specifically have to appear on the first, third or fifth line so as to trigger a win. Should at least three of these on the reels, you earn an extra win, this win is evaluated by getting the product of your initial bet placed with the multiplier that should be displayed on the pay-table of the specific slot game machine.

The scatter symbols in the base game are the Iron Man patriot, the Mark 42 and the War Machine. Should Mark 42 appear on the first reel, War Machine on the second and the Iron Man patriot on the fifth reel all at the same time, a re-spin is triggered.

This is interesting enough for a first timer, but a frequent Iron Man 3 gambler will not dwell on the re-spin feature as it hardly offers a great winning. The most you can make from it is either five times or maybe ten times the value of your initial stake.

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